Amarex works closely with US and non-US clients, achieving maximum efficiency throughout the US FDA product approval process. Amarex utilizes affiliate operations in Taiwan and Europe to further advances in international product development and to bring non-US products to the US market.

NSF International | 

NSF International is an independent, global organization that protects human health by facilitating the development of public health and safety standards, and providing certification and testing services. Separately, we also offer auditing, education, risk management and consulting. Our major sectors are food, water, health sciences, sustainability and management systems. Visit them at http://www.nsf.org/services/by-company/health-sciences.

Amarex Taiwan 台灣安美睿

​Amarex Taiwan, LLC began as a concept in 2003. In early 2018 the affiliate organization announced their official office opening and provides monitoring, data management and regulatory services to pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries across Asia. Visit them at www.amarextw.com

Amarex Europe

Amarex Europe, LLC is an active affiliate organization of Amarex Clinical Research, LLC and works with clients throughout Europe, providing comprehensive clinical trial development services. Please check back to access the Amarex EU website.  

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